0. PhD Talk
This is one of my best favourite blog about PhD program. I can learn what I prepare for planning my academic life in the future. And from this site, I know other ten effective blogs for PhD student which was cited as following.

1. Happy Science
Cheek-in-tongue blog on science, social media, and pharma-research. If the thought of seeing your make-up under a microscope makes you giggle, don’t hesitate and head to Happy Science.

2. Peoplegogy
This blog reads like a magazine, with a wide range of topics that I enjoy reading very much. You particularly might like the “Doctoral Confessions” series.

3. The Dutch PhD Coach
I was planning to drop the link to Arjenne’s “Louter Promoveren” blog in Dutch when I discovered there is now an English offspring too. Great content – these articles might as well come from a book with advice on the PhD process.

4. Only a model
A website and blog by a fellow PhD student in Structural Engineering. Interesting posts on finite element modeling, workflow processes and academic teaching.

5. Dr Sustainable
Only about a month old, this blog has managed to provide some great content and a lively forum with comments. I have high expectations of seeing more interesting content coming up here.

6. Get a life, PhD
Combining a career in academia with a family, and still finding time for yourself? I enjoy reading this blog while wondering how my future self will relate to these issues.

7. Gradhacker
Life- and studyhacking for graduate students – with contributions from a large authorship.

8. Matt Might’s blog
While the computer science in there is all Greek to me, the articles on graduate school and productivity are very much worth reading.

9. PhD2Published
With a wealth of wisdom on academic writing in its archives, this blog also provides a Weekly Wisdom sections on Everything You Wanted to Know in Academia.

10. Thesis Whisperer
We don’t need to introduce this one, right?

Ps: Free ebook: http://bookboon.com/