Most students said that they have the same issue in writing at first sentence of a paragraph. They did not know how to start the first sentence logically and precisely. Others also did not know about what content should be input into paragraph to discuss about the essay topic in the question. I would like to introduce three ways to write an introduction sentence  for all kind of essays which I learned form IELTS examiners such as Simon, Dominic Cole, and Ryan Higgins.

1) About popular, important, or influent
– Since the invention/advent of modern media, news feeds have become an increasingly invasive force in the lives of all human beings. (đã trở thành một thế lực ảnh hưởng sâu rộng)
– With its growth, technology has permeated into all areas of society. (đã lan tỏa vào)
– The admiration young people hold for celebrities is not a new phenomenon. (không phải hiện tượng mới)
– The classmates a student interacts with on a day-to-day basis make up an important part of their academic experience.
– The youth of a nation play a critical role in a country’s future. (đóng vai trò then chốt trong)

2) About faith, belief, truth
Most people would accept that one of the highest priorities today is to find a solution to the various environmental problems facing mankind.
It is undoubtedly the case that the world today has become a global village.
There is little doubt that the issue of refugees is a global problem.
There is a widely held perception in many parts of the world today that educational standards are in decline. (có một quan điểm được duy trì rộng rãi ở nhiều nơi trên TG là)

3) About debate
Concerning the issue whether scientists should use living animals for scientific research, people hold different views.
There are widely differing views on the issue of whether tobacco should be banned or not.
The issue of whether we should attempt to save endangered species from extinction or not is certainly a contentious one. (vấn đề có hay không … là một vấn đề hẳn nhiên là đang gây tranh cãi)
One question that has caused a great deal of controversy over the years is nuclear technology. (một câu hỏi đã gây ra nhiều tranh cãi trong những năm qua là)

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